All products are made in the USA. Our product comes completely assembled with few exceptions (will be noted in description). Most product will fit an 8x8 album or larger. If you want a smaller size, please let us know.

We will design most items that you want without a design fee but ask that you order 6 of the design. All designs will need cardstock colors(we use Bazzill) and fonts. We will try to match your choice of color and font, although sometimes that is not possible.

We ask that you purchase a minimum of 3 of each item already designed. We will send you an invoice via Quickbooks when you order is ready to ship. We offer free shipping on all order over $200.00. Check out our facebook page for specials.
Special Orders
If you need or want a special order, please e-mail us.
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The Seas Pack This can be used for diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, etc. Use the Nemo add on and use for... See details Tiki Hut & Tiki God Will fit on min. 6x6" page or card See details Margaritaville Fits 8x8 album Made with Bazzill Bling papers. See details
Whale Pack Whales of the Pacific - Orcas, Humpbacks, Grey.Can fit pocket Page. See details Whale Watching - Humpback Whale Fits 8x8 album See details Whale Watching - Whale Tail Fits 8x8 album See details
Seagulls One flying and one perched on a pierCan fit pocket Page. See details
Hunting for Floats with Float Japanese fishing floats are fun to find at the ocean See details
Sand Dollars Sand Dollar - 2 pack See details